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Notes for GCSE History (Modern World History)
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Alliances The Triple Alliance Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary Dual Alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary in 1879 Triple Alliance formed in 1882 with Italy Made Russia and France nervous Triple Entente France, Russia and Britain Creates the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892 Creates the Entente Cordiale with France in 1904 Triple Entente completed with the Anglo-Russian Entente in 1907

Morocco The First (1905-06) France wanted to add the uncolonised African country to its empire But Germany objected and demanded an international conference on Morocco's future Germany was made to back down at the Algeciras conference in 1906 by British, Italian, Russian and Spanish support So France took control of Morocco's police and banks! The Agadir Crisis (1911) France sent troops to Fez to fight rebels Germany accused France or trying to get complete control So Sent in a Warship called the Panther Britain feared Germany would attempt to make a naval base at Agadir, which would threaten key sea routes When Britain send ships, Germany backed down and recognised France's influence over morocco Which made Germany more Anti-British

The Arms Race Germany vs Britain Weltpoltik Wilhelm increased military size and wanted to expand the German empire The Two Power Standard Britain's Navy had to be as big as the next two strongest navies in Europe put together The Dreadnought Britain created its first one in 1906 Germany created its own version in 1907-08 By 1914 Britain had 29 and Germany had 17

The Balkans Controlled by the Ottomans (Turkey) who were very weak from corruption and the rise of Nationalism. (The Sick Man of Europe) Germany wanted to build a railway through the Balkans Italy wanted to control the other side of the Adriatic Sea Austria-Hungary wanted to stop Serbia from stirring up their people as the Slavs wanted Independence and hoped to get help from Serbia Russia wanted sea access from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean through Turkish controlled straits

The Origins of World War 1

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