Hitler's rise to Chancellorship Jan '33


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What do we usually know the NSDAP as? the Nazi Party
What was the name of the document which listed the NSDAPs main ideas? the 25 Point Programme
This man provided Hitler with effective propaganda Goebbels
This man helped Hitler write Mein Kampf Rudolf Hess
The man who ran Hitler's private bodyguard (the SS) Himmler
Man whose rich contacts funded Hitler's Nazi Party Goering
Man who ran the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party Ernst Rohm
Name given to Hitler's failed attempt to seize power in 1923 Munich Putsch
Hitler's trial gave him publicity. He gave a speech saying the "The goddess of..... History acquits us."
After the failure of the Munich Putsch the Nazi changed tactics and stand for elections. "Hold our noses and enter the..." Reichstag
In May 1924 the Nazis had 32 seats in the Reichstag, in December 1924 14. How many by May 1928? 12
Between 1923 and 1929 the Weimar Republic was still doing following the loan of 800 million gold marks under the... Dawes Plan
The greatest symbol of Germany's recovery came in 1926 when she was allowed to join the... League of Nations
Great German statesman of Weimar period, died in 1929 Stresemann
By July 1932 unemployment in Germany had reached 6 million (40% of workforce)
Some unemployed workers were attracted by the Nazi promise of "Arbeit, Freiheit, Brot: which means "Work, freedom and bread"
Many business people poured money into the Nazi party because they feared which political party might win? the Communists
In the 1932 Presidential Campaign the "Fuhrer over Germany" what allowed Hitler to visit so many cities? aeroplanes
"Our last hope, Hitler"
Parliament used a voting system that meant that no one party was strong enough to deal with the crisis. This is called.. proportional respresentation
Between 1930 and 1932 chancellor's had to rely on Hindenburg's use of what power? Article 48
Hindenburg's final mistake was to appoint Hitler chancellor in January 1933
Hitler's appointment by Hindenburg is surprising as Nazi support was beginning to decline and Hindenburg had referred to Hitler as a "little Bohemian..." corporal
In June 1932 Hindenburg had appointed his unpopular friend chancellor. This was... von Papen
In July 1932 the Nazi doubled in power, winning how many of the 600 seats in the Reichstag? 230
Even after the electoral success of 1932 Hindenburg refused to appoint Hitler chancellor. In November 1932 the Nazis slipped to how many seats? 196
In November 1932 Hitler appointed a new chancellor who promised to split the Nazi vote. He failed and resigned in December. This was... Von Schleicher
In January 1933 Hindenburg was finally persuaded to appoint Hitler in a government of several right wing parties. We call this government a... coalition
Out of the 12 members of the new government, how many were Nazis? 3
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