Bay of Pigs Invasion : April 1961


A mind map clearing up the cause, the events and the consequences of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of April 1961.
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Bay of Pigs Invasion : April 1961
  1. CAUSE
    1. 1. In 1959, rebel Fidel Castro overthrows Cuban gov and takes power
      1. Before him, Cuba was corrupt and run as a right-wing military dictatorship
        1. However many Americans had business interests in Cuba
        2. Castro nationalises American companies in Cuba
          1. Americans stop all aid to Cuba
            1. Incl. all imports of Cuban sugar
              1. (Sugar is main income for Cuba)
        3. 2. Castro seeks help from USSR
          1. In 1960, USSR agree to buy 1M tonnes of Cuban sugar per year
            1. Soviets see this as an opportunity to get involved closer to America
            2. Castro becomes communist
            3. 3. America is alarmed that there are communists at such close proximity
              1. Potential threat
            4. CONSEQUENCES
              1. 1. September 1961, Castro asked for weapons to defend Cuba against America
                1. Russia publicly promises to supply them with weapons
                2. 2. 14 October 1962, the Americans discover the missile sites in Cuba
                  1. These sites brought every town in the US within range of Soviet nuclear missiles
                  2. 3. 22nd October, JFK announces on national TV that America is under threat
                    1. Communism spreads closer to America
                    2. WHAT HAPPENED
                      1. 1. Cuban exiles (supporters of Batista) living in US are trained to invade Cuba and remove Castro
                        1. Trained by CIA
                          1. Costs of $45M
                          2. 2. April 1961, 1300 of them land in Cuba ready to overthrow Castro
                            1. "La Brigada"
                            2. 3. Invasion failed as Castro was popular amongst Cubans
                              1. He was aware of the invasion
                              2. 4. All of La Brigada's equipment destroyed
                                1. President JFK humiliated
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