Why did the Cold War begin?


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The Long Telegram Truman got a telegram from Kennan - US ambassador in Moscow. He said Stalin wanted to crush capitalism. He said the USSR was building up it's military power. Kennan said the US should seek to contain communism.
Novikov's Telegram Novikov was the Soviet Ambassador in the US. He said America wanted to dominate the world. Following FDR's death there was no interest in the US to co-operate. The Americans were preparing for war.
The Iron Curtain Speech. Made by Churchill in the US in 1946. It had Truman's approval. He showed the suspicion that each side had over the other. The Iron Curtain referred to the Soviet control over Eastern Europe.
Mutual Suspicion The US and the USSR both saw each other as the enemy. Any action they saw the other do was seen as aggressive. Anything they might do was seen by the other as a move against the other.
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