Conferences of the Cold War


Summary of each conference : Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam.
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Conferences of the Cold War
  1. Teheran : November 1943
    1. Meeting mainly a success for Stalin
      1. Because Roosevelt was unwell - sided with Stalin rather than Churchill
        1. US/UK agree to open a second front
          1. (by invading France)
          2. USSR agere to invade Japan once Germany is defeated
            1. United Nations to be set up to restore peace
            2. DISAGREEMENTS
              1. Stalin felt that US/UK wanted to cripple soviet army in order to attack
                1. Because they had delayed opening a second front
                2. Tension between UK/USSR
                  1. Churchill hated communists and the Bolshevik Revolution
                3. SITUATION
                  1. Roosevelt keen to improve relations
                    1. Big Three : Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill
                  2. Yalta : February 1945
                    1. SITUATION
                      1. Big Three : Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill
                        1. Germany close to defeat
                          1. Met to discuss what to do with Europe
                          2. AGREEMENTS
                            1. Germany and Berlin to be divided into 4 zones
                              1. UK
                                1. US
                                  1. USSR
                                    1. France
                                    2. Hunt down and trial Nazi leaders/politicians
                                      1. USSR agere to invade Japan once Germany is defeated
                                      2. DISAGREEMENTS
                                        1. Amount of reparations for Germany - Stalin wanted to cripple their economy
                                          1. No decision made - postponed to next conference
                                          2. Stalin wanted Polish/German border further west - BUFFER ZONE
                                            1. Stalin also wanted Soviet-friendly gov in Poland
                                          3. Potsdam : July 1945
                                            1. SITUATION
                                              1. New leaders
                                                1. Less familiarity between them
                                                  1. Stalin, Atlee, Truman
                                                2. AGREEMENTS
                                                  1. Germany and Berlin to be divided into 4 zones
                                                    1. (As previously discussed)
                                                    2. Changes in Germany
                                                      1. To be demilitarised
                                                        1. Introduction of free elections to create a democracy
                                                        2. Reparations to be paid out by Germany
                                                          1. Mainly to the USSR due to suffering most
                                                        3. DISAGREEMENTS
                                                          1. US lowered reparations from original numbers set by Stalin
                                                            1. Truman saw trading potential in Germany
                                                            2. Truman wanted free elections for Soviet countries
                                                              1. Stalin refused - this worsened relations
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