Digital Marketing Strategy - The Essentials


Planning is a crucial part of success in the world of digital marketing. Learn to understand the basics so you can begin to measure performance, growth and successes over time.
Micheal Heffernan
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Digital Marketing Strategy - The Essentials
  1. Define Your Objectives
    1. What do you want your plan to achieve?
      1. What are your KPI's? How will you measure them?
      2. Analyse Past Successes & Failures
        1. What has worked in the past for your company?
          1. In which areas has the company underperformed? How?
            1. How are your competitors performing?
            2. Know Your Audience
              1. Who are you trying to reach with your digital strategy? Be specific: identify age, gender, location - as much detail as possible.
                1. Use any information you can gather on you audience to develop key personas that you can tailor and aim your marketing campaign towards.
                2. Identify Your Resources
                  1. What is your budget?
                    1. What digital channels do you have access to (e.g. paid promotion or organic? Set a clearly defined purpose for each channel.
                      1. Will your team be able to execute your digital strategy or will you need to outsource some of the work?
                      2. Implement Your Plan & Analyse Performance
                        1. Set up a calendar for your strategy and mark the key dates to begin its implementation.
                          1. Analyse how each element of your strategy does.
                            1. Optimise your strategy by making any necessary changes to improve its implementation and/or performance.
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