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Commonly used jargon in Digital Marketing
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Strategize To create a plan-of-action to achieve a certain goal
Personalization Alteration of a piece of content to fit a specific individual
Conversation An exchange of words or ideas between two or more individuals
Impression A single view of a piece of content on the internet; a set of eyeballs that saw something
Share-of-Voice The percentage of people that a company owns for a specific topic or niche
Brand Equity The value of a brand based on the public's perception of it
Perception A person's personal opinion of something based on their own context
Positioning The angle used for a specific piece of content
Engagement Activity between a group of people around a company, concept, or each other
Listening The act of consuming content or messages from others
Utilize To use something....somehow
Effectiveness A quality describing whether something or someone was able to complete a certain task or goal...or not
Efficiency A quality describing whether something or someone was able to complete a certain task or goal based on the amount of effort the person planned to use.
Organic The quality of something achieved without financial support or paid online efforts (meaning you got it without spending any cash money)
ROI "Return on investment": How much you got for how much effort or money you put in
Campaign A bundle of actions that work together to achieve a certain goal
Synergy The combination of two actions or ideas in one effort (more scientifically known as the red + blue = purple effect)
Evaluate To reflect on a certain action, hopefully using numbers, to decide if the action was effective or not
Awareness A "measurement" of the public's knowledge of something—like a company, campaign, or person
Branding The act of associating a certain feeling, image, or idea with a company.
Buzz The amount of chatter around a certain idea, company, etc. This can be in the form of social content or even in normal, everyday conversation.
Viral The quality of content items that are naturally shared from person to person in rapid succession ('cause they just can't help themselves!)
Empower To inspire a person or group of people to do something on their own
Optimize To improve an object's ability to complete something, so that object can complete that action either harder, better, faster, or stronger
Streamline To improve a series of processes so it takes less time or effort to complete the desired task
Messaging The central concept or idea that a marketer wants a person to understand when consuming a piece of content
Alignment The shared goals and coordinated efforts of two parties to make something happen (think Marketing)
Transparent Open about one's intentions and inner-workings, as well as open to feedback and able to admit mistakes
Authentic True to one's nature instead of putting on a front or putting up a facade
Influencer A person who is capable of convincing a group of people to think a particular way or perform particular actions.
360 Degree Experience the successful integration of online, offline, and social elements that involve the consumer in immersive brand interaction.
SMO (Social Media Optimization) The use of all online social venues and communities to boost awareness - and interactivity - of a brand.
Neuromorphic "humanistic computation". Apparently “the first big tech buzzword of 2014” according to the Washington Post. Read here to learn more.
Blurring the Lines between Physical and Digital making your online and offline retail presence seamless and dependent on one another.
Omni-Channel Retailing Consumer experience that combines the tangible reality of brick and mortar stores with the informative convenience of online shopping.
Retail Biometrics Scanning technology that measures the effectiveness appeal of products and communication campaigns to all different demographics.
Experience Manager the newly rebranded name of Adobe CQ5, now known as AEM.
nth screen designation of the ability to connect and display content through multiple screens
Customer-centricity Synonymous with customer satisfaction, a term used to measure how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation
Programmatic Marketing/advertising Marketing campaigns that are automatically triggered by any type of event and deployed according to a set of rules applied by software and algorithms
Media Agnostic ??
Click Fraud A type of fraud that occurs in pay per click online advertising when a person, automated script or computer program imitates a legitimate user for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having actual interest in ad’s link.
Brand Storytelling ?
News Jacking ?
Viewability ?
Native Advertising An online advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user’s experience
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