Geography Section 1 (Rivers and Coasts)


A pack of flash cards including every key term needed for year 10 GCSE Geography, in the Rivers and Coasts topic.
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What is the hydrological cycle? The hydrological cycle shows how water moves around the Earth.
When water soaks into the soil. Infiltration
When water moves vertically down through soil AND rock. Percolation.
Throughflow. When the water in the soil flows downhill.
Groundwater flow. When water in rock flows downhill.
Surface runoff. When water flows overground.
Channel flow. The flow of water in a river.
Channel storage. When water is held in a river.
Groundwater storage. When water is stored underground in rocks or soil. A rock that stores water is called an aquifer. Eg; Chalk.
When water falls on things like hedges and plant leaves instead of the ground. Interception (storage).
When water is held in lakes, rivers, puddles etc. Surface storage.
The area of land drained by a river. Drainage basin.
Watershed. The boundary of high land between two drainage basins.
Tributary. A small river that runs into a bigger one.
Where a river starts. The source. Usually found in higher ground, e.g; Mountains.
Confluence. Where two rivers meet/join.
Where the river flows into the sea or lake. Mouth.
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