Restless earth- tectonic activity


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What is an ocean trench? A long, narrow deep gash formed under the ocean
Why are contrastive plate margins given that name? When the two plates are moving away from each other, new crust is formed
Why are destructive plate margins given that name? Oceanic crust is being destroyed
What happens at a collision plate margin? The two plates are moving towards one another, neither plate is being subducted because both plates carry continental crust. Fold mountains are formed
What occurs at a conservative plate margin and why? Earthquakes. because the two plates try to move past each other, but sometimes get stuck and energy builds up until they suddenly jolt free causing a violent earthquake.
What is the ring of fire? A ring surrounding the Pacific Ocean where earthquakes occur on the edge
Name the structure of the earth (start from the middle( Inner core, outer core, Mantle, Crust
Name two types of crust? Continental crust and oceanic crust
Name two differences between oceanic and continental crust? Continental crust is thicker than oceanic crust AND it's made of granite, oceanic crust is made from basalt
What are tectonic plates? Are large cracks in the earths surface
What causes plates to move? Convection currents in the mantle
What are plates made up of? Lithosphere
Name the 4 different types of plate margins? Destructive, constructive, conservative, collision
What happens at a destructive plate margin? The two plates are pushed or subducted beneath the other, and magma is forced up to the surface
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