Bangladesh Flood


Bangladesh geography gcse flooding case study LEDC
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Bangladesh Flood
  1. Causes
    1. 900mm rainfall in July
      1. This saturated soil , increasing run-off into rivers
      2. Melting snows in Himalayan Mountains increased discharge of Brahmaputra river
        1. Peak discharge of both Brahmaputra and Gagnes rivers at the same time
        2. Effects
          1. Primary
            1. 2000+ deaths
              1. 25 million made homeless
                1. 44 schools completely destroyed
                  1. Factories closed and livestock killed
                    1. 112,000 houses in India destroyed
                      1. 10,000km of roads destroyed
                        1. Rivers polluted with rubbish and sewage
                        2. Secondary
                          1. Children lost out on education
                            1. 4000 schools affected
                            2. 100,000 caught water-borne diseases
                              1. Flooded fields reduced basmati rice yields
                                1. Prices increased by 10%
                                2. Many farmers and factory workers became unemployed
                              2. Responses
                                1. Immediate
                                  1. Many didn't evacuate flooded areas, blocking transport and slowed evacuation attempts
                                    1. Other governments and international charities distributed food, water and medical aid
                                      1. Rescue boats sent to help stranded people
                                      2. Long-term
                                        1. International charities funded the rebuilding of homes, agriculture and fishing industries
                                          1. Some homes rebuilt on stilts, less likely to be damaged by future flooding
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