Economic migrates in the EU (Poland to UK migration)


AQA GCSE Human Geography Population Economic migration within the EU Case Study
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Economic migrants in the EU from Poland to the UK   There are 600,000 Polish people living in the UK   Push factors (from Poland) ·         Average unemployment 18.5% ·         Youth unemployment 40% ·         Wages 1/3 of EU average ·         Housing shortages 300 dwellings to 1,000 people Pull factors (to UK) ·         Unemployment only 5.1% ·         High demand for semi-skilled labour (e.g plumbers) ·         600,000 job vacancies ·         Good exchange rate (sending a few pounds home would have a big impact) Positive impacts on the host country (UK) ·         £2.5 billion contributed to the economy ·         Between 0.5% and 1% of UK growth in 2006 was due to immigrant labour ·         80% of immigrants are under 35- their national insurance payments help to cater for ageing population’s pensions ·         They fill a skills gap (e.g plumbers) but this was largely low paid work Negative impacts on the host country (UK) ·         Tensions in areas that haven’t previously experienced large scale immigration ·         Possible stress on NHS ·         High proportion of the wages are being sent back to family in Poland rather than spent in UK economy ·         Higher demand for housing = higher prices Positive impacts for source country (Poland) ·         Injection of foreign cash (about £3 billion in 2006) ·         Less pressure on resources (e.g schools, hospitals) ·         Incentivised improvements to living standards Negative impacts for source country (Poland) ·         Brain drain of skilled workers emigrating ·         Shortage of workers ·         Ageing population

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