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Erosion Were the Water wears away the Land
Floodplains A flat area of land next to a River which Floods
Mouth Where the River meets the Sea
Meander A Turn in the River
Watershed The Edge of the Drainage Basin
Confluence The point at which Two Rivers meet
Tributary A Small River or Stream that joins a Larger River
Drainage Basin An Area of land round the Rivers and Tributaries
Groundwater Flow Water flowing through the soil
Infiltration When water seeps through the Ground
Source Where a River begins
Evaporation Water turning into Gas
Precipitation Anything wet that falls from the Sky
Surface Runoff Rain Water or Water that runs off a slope
Evapotranspiration Heat makes the trees Exsert water, Sweat, and that water then Evaporates
Traction The rocks on the Rivers Bed roll along in contact with the bed
Saltation The Sediment bounces along in the Rivers flow
Abrasion The Rivers Load wears down the Bank
Attrition The Load;Rocks and Sediment, smash into each other breaking them down
Corrosion The Natural Chemicals in the River react with the Load and the Bank making small sediments dissolve
Suspension Tiny Particles are carried along the River, they float
Solution Minerals are Dissolved and carried along with the flow
Rivers Load Rocks and Sediment carried by the River
Hydraulic Action Powerful water hits against the Bed and the Banks of the River
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