Water World - Hydrological Cyle Key Terms


Flash cards for basic terminology needed to understand the hydrological cycle
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Precipitation Water falling from the sky (rain, sleet, snow, hail)
Groundwater Water beneath the surface of the ground
Surface run-off The flowing of water on the surface of the ground, down a slope
Infiltration The process of water moving into or through a surface
Transpiration The water within a plant is released into the atmosphere as vapour
The Hydrological Cycle The movement of water betwen its different forms (solid, liquid, gas)
Percolation The process by which water moves into under lying rocks
Saturated When soil is full of water, no more can be absorbed by the soil so the water sits on top of the surface
Water table The level below which the ground is saturated with water
Through/Stream Flow The flow of rain water through the soil towards a river
Condensation The process when a gas turns into a liquid.
Evaporation The process when a liquid turns into a gas
Clouds Visible water or ice in the atmosphere
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