Th2L02 DNA replication


Medicine Y1 (Theme 2 | Genetics) Mind Map on Th2L02 DNA replication, created by Emma Allde on 20/08/2016.
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Th2L02 DNA replication
  1. Part of the cell cycle
    1. G1 phase
      1. Synthesis of protein components necessary to complete the cell cycle including histones, enzymes for replication, etc.
        1. Takes 6-9 hours
        2. S phase:
          1. DNA synthesis commences
            1. Overview
              1. (1) DNA unwinds
                1. (2) Daughter strands of DNA produced from parent strand at replication for
                  1. Semi conservation replication (each new DNA molecule contains one parent and one daughter strand)
                    1. Overall structure of the replication fork
                      1. Replication occurs 3' to 5' along parent strand
                        1. Leading strand
                          1. The new continuous complementary DNA strand synthesised along the template strand in the mandatory 5' to 3' direction.
                          2. Lagging strand
                            1. A discontinuously synthesised DNA strand that elongates by means of Okazaki fragment
                              1. Okazaki fragments
                                1. Small fragments of DNA produced on the lagging strand during DNA replication
                                  1. Joined later by DNA ligase to form a complete strand
                                2. Each synthesised in a 5' to 3' direction away from the replication fork.
                              2. New daughter strand is formed 5' to 3'
                                1. One leading strand and one lagging strand
                              3. Several enzymes are involved including helicase, DNA polymerase, primase, DNA ligase, etc.
                            2. Takes 8-9 hours
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