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Piggy 'sat down carefully' - cautious 'we ought to have a meeting' - grown up 'Piggy! Piggy!' - victimised 'nobody don't know we're here' - logical 'pointed to the conch' - keeps democracy 'I got a right to speak' 'we could make a sundial'
Piggy 2 Death is very blunt and unsympathetic - 'his head opened and stuff came out' 'misinterpreted it as friendliness'-unsocial 'what's grownups going to think?' 'Nuts!' about the beast 'we can do without Jack' - blind to reality 'there was that bloody dance' - excuses 'a bag of fat' - writer doesn't like Piggy
Ralph Childlike - 'stood on his head' Naive - Daddy in the Navy will rescue him Slightly arrogant - ignores Piggy Progression in leadership - 'talk fluently' Creates rules - 'where the conch is, that's a meeting' 'gnawed it like a wolf' - animalistic 'lost in a maze of thoughts' 'strangle mood of speculation that was so foreign to him' 'specialist in thought' 'this speech was planned' - prepared
Ralph 2 'now you do what I say' 'I'm chief, I'll go' - good leader 'I hit him! The spear stuck in' - disgusted but excited 'felt that hunting was good after all' 'just a game; said Ralph uneasily' 'But...the...oh...the fire!' 'I wasn't scared' - realistic about S death 'tried indignantly to remember' - loosing focus Democracy has failed - violence is last resort
Jack Natural leader - 'controlled choir' 'I ought to be chief' Arrogant - 'I can sing C#' 'slammed his knife' 'conch doesn't count on top of the mountain' 'sooty hands' 'madness came into his eyes' 'shut up', 'they're batty' - unsympathetic
Jack 2 'liberated from shame' 'grimaced distastefully' 'smacked Piggy's head' 'opaque look in Jack's eyes' -no compassion 'you're a lot of cry-babies' 'why should choosing make a difference?' 'bollocks to the rules'
Jack 3 'Who'll come?' - immediately taking charge 'we don't need the conch anymore' 'use a littlun', 'we'll kill it' 'I'm not going to play anymore' - kid's reaction 'I'm going off by myself' 'I'm going to be chief' 'stark naked' 'like an idol' 'throne' 'authority sat on his shoulders' 'conch doesn't count at this end of the island' Beast - 'came disguised' 'identifiable by personality' 'that's what you get' - threat
Ralph and Jack Relationship 'shy-liking' Enjoy company up the mountain together Ralph can't get power - 'facing something ungraspable' 'they grinned at each other' 'invisible light of friendship'
Ralph and Jack Relationship Changed - conflict of priorities 'the antagonism was audible' 'found looking at each other difficult' 'two continents of experience' 'unable to communicate' water was only just 'sufficient to bring them together again' 'different sides of a high barrier' 'you haven't got the conch' 'keep Piggy out of danger' 'a violent swing to Ralph's side' 'if you're frightened of course' - taunting 'who thinks Ralph oughtn't be chief'
Piggy and Jack Relationship Piggy intimidated - 'shrank' to the other side 'Shut up Fatty' Jack doesn't value anything about Piggy - ignores organization of names 'closed circuit of sympathy with Piggy outside' Boys bond by picking on Piggy 'you shut up' 'smacked Piggy's head' Piggy 'looked malevolently at Jack 'favour Piggy as you always do' - rivalry for Ralph's affection 'Piggy was so full of delight' now that Jack has gone
Piggy and Ralph Relationship Piggy admires Ralph - 'you can't half swim well' Piggy trusts Ralph with his nickname Ralph dismissive of Piggy - doesn't ask about his name 'Piggy's open admiration' 'without no one but Piggy' - Piggy stays with Ralph Ralph not able to stand up for Piggy - 'he was angry with himself for giving away'
Piggy and Ralph Relationship Changed - due to breakdown in Ralph and Jack's relationship 'a link between him and Jack had been snapped and fastened elsewhere' - Ralph becomes close with Piggy 'Piggy's got the conch' - Ralph starts to support Piggy 'That's right. Keep Piggy out of danger' - Ralph is looking out for Piggy 'he understood how far Ralph had gone towards accepting him'
Conch - represents order, order is 'delicate', breaks when order breaks down Conch calls the meeting No one can speak unless holding the conch 'worthy plaything' 'deep cream, touched here and there with fading pink' 'delicate embossed pattern' - it's fragile Conch gets Ralph elected 'where the conch is, that's a meeting' 'caressed the shell respectfully' 'bleached the yellow and pink near-white and transparency' - becoming ill
Conch 2 'caressingly'/'fragile' 'beauty of the shell' Jack dirties idea of order with 'sooty hands' 'exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist'
Nature 'the long scar' - already damaged civilisation 'flashed upwards with a witch-like cry' - P/N 'these stood or leaned or reclined' - relaxing 'coarse grass, torn everywhere' 'upheavals of fallen trees, scattered with decaying coconuts' 'darkness of the forest' 'screwed up his eyes against the shimmering water' - P/N
Nature 2 'water drew to a point of infinity' - trapped 'always, almost invisable, was the heat' - unbearable 'heat seemed to increase till it became a threatening weight' 'lagoon attacked them with a blinding effulgence' 'brute obtuseness' Ch.9 - 'build up of clouds' - with the threat of violence'
Order / Civilisation 'we ought to have a meeting' + collecting names Ralph elected as leader 'Jack slashed at one with his knife' Conch represents order 'panting like dogs' - animals organised - 'arranged in the shade' 'painted faces and masks' 'now there's no water' People aren't listening to Ralph - 'assembly roared' 'the breaking up of sanity'
Order / Civilisation 2 'wordless rhythm' Roger throwing stone at Henry - 'threw it to miss' 'into which he dare not throw' - society keeping them in line 'they could never manage to do things sensibly' 'Johnny was slapped by Bill' 'tribe' 'He's going to beat Wilfred' for no reason Piggy and order die together
Order / Civilisation 3 'helmeted head between it's knees' - shows corruption people stop wearing clothes constant reinactment of the pig killing 'use a littlun' - primitive 'something like a great ape' - society is not improving, it's going backwards 'boys armed with sticks' split into 2 groups
Blood 'the blade continued to flash at the end of a bony arm' 'you cut a pig's throat to let the blood out' 'the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood'
Leadership Dictatorship - 'I ought to be chief' Jack is a natural leader (choir) Ralph is elected as leader 'Jack's face disappeared under a blush of mortification' - annoyed he isn't leader Jack takes charge, littluns 'following Jack' 'the conch doesn't count on top of the mountain' Ralph's bad leadership skills - meetings at the wrong time 'why should choosing make a difference' Ralph becomes more confident as a leader Challenge of Jack and Ralph's leadership - deciding who goes first 'he isn't a proper chief' Jack starts dictatorship ' I'm going to be chief'
Fire 'shameful knowledge grew in them' - don't actually know how to light a fire 'crimson in the face' - Ralph is embarrassed 'his specs' are used to light fire 'the flame flapped higher' 'squirrel' and then 'jaguar' 'tree exploded in the fire like a bomb' - fire spreads/child goes missing 'we'll be responsible for keeping the fire going' - Ralph 'so long as your hunters remember the fire' Fire goes out, ship doesn't seem them 'the fire was dead' 'the fire is the most important thing' 'smoke is more important than a pig' 'a comfort until they slept'
Beast - fear has been objectified so it seems real, imagination is causing them to visualise things - A SYMBOL OF THEIR FEAR 'says it was a beastie' 'a snake-thing' / 'he saw it' 'Ralph explained kindly' - Ralph is rational 'among the small ones was a dubiety that required more than rational assurance' - doesn't stop the fear knowing their is nothing to fear 'but if there was a snake, we'd hunt it and kill it' 'scientific' - Piggy 'there isn't no beast' Simon understands its their minds 'The Lord of the Flies' - the pig Makes Simon realise the evil/fear is within them - 'I'm part of you' 'prayed the beast would prefer Littluns'
Simon 1 > Sees the good in people - 'he helped that way > Simon helps Ralph - 'you tell 'em off' > He has no fear - 'a place in the jungle' > Shy - 'to speak in assembly was a terrible thing to him' > Understands the fear - 'maybe it's only us' > 'shoved his piece of meat over the rocks' > 'felt a flicker of incredulity' - doesn't believe in the beast
Simon 2 > 'he ceased to think about himself' > 'you'll get back to where you came from' - sympathetic > 'I'll go if you like' > 'he's cracked' - he's misunderstood > Simon's death is poetic and beautified > 'cascading the water' > the stains that seeped' > 'smoothed everything over with a layer of silver'
Roger > 'gloomy face' > 'noticeably darker' > 'unsociable remoteness into something forbidden' > 'arm conditioned by civilisation' > 'breathing quickly, his eyes fluttering' - flirting with violence
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