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Clothes mean something quite different to a woman. Not just a way to make themselves look prettier, well it's a sort of sign and token of their self respect Mr Birling Patriarchy Judgment of Women
Just a Knighthood of course Mr Birling shows Egotistical attitudes and how he is a braggart
Your just the kind of Son-in-law I always wanted Mr Birling Shows how egotistical and self absorbed he is, daughters happy day and he reverts the subject back to himself
But after all its better to ask the earth than just take it The Inspector tries to prove Mr. Birling's prev line wrong
What happened to her may have determined what happened to her afterwards, and what happened afterwards may have driven her to suicide Inspector This shows how the inspector explains communism and equality to the Birlings
A chain of events Inspector Shares his socialist views
It's my duty to ask questions Inspector The inspector has power, presence and authority
No, Mother-Please! Sheila Sheila realises the prophetic, omniscient powers of the inspector
You've made quite an impression on this child inspector Mrs. Birling Mrs. B patronises Sheila dismissing her as an ingenuous juvenile
Now look here inspector- Mr. Birling Mr.Birling finds the inspector insolent
I'd like to be alone for a while (goes on a walk) Gerald Gerlad shows some solicitude for Eva/Daisy
I enjoyed it for a time-Any man would Gerald Gerald admits his liason with the girl was adulatory and flattering for his ego
I'm loosing all patience with you people Inspector Inspector chastises the unrelenting obstinate older generation
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