Chapter 16: The Cold War


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Chapter 16: The Cold War
  1. The Cold War Begins
    1. Roots of the Cold War
      1. American & Soviet Systems Differ
        1. US = Capitalist Democracy
          1. Soviets = Communist Dictatorship
            1. Leader of the Soviet Union = Joseph Stalin
              1. US & Soviets = Former Allies - Now Enemies
              2. Allies Disagree on Future of Eastern Europe
                1. Truman and Stalin Clash at Potsdam
                2. Meeting the Soviet Challenge
                  1. Truman Faces a Crisis
                    1. The Truman Doctrine Opposes Communist Expansion
                    2. Containing Soviet Expansion
                      1. Kennan Argues for Contrainment
                        1. The Marshall Plan Aids Europe's Economies
                        2. The Cold War Heats Up
                          1. Berlin Airlift Saves West Berlin
                            1. Cold War Rivals Form Alliances
                          2. The Korean War
                            1. Communist Gain Control of China
                              1. Civil War Divides China
                                1. Communists Win in China
                                2. Americans Fight in Korea
                                  1. North Korea Invades South Korea
                                    1. U.S. Forces Defend South Korea
                                      1. MacArthur Drives Back the North Koreans
                                        1. China Forces a Stalemate
                                        2. The Korean War Has Lasting Effects
                                          1. The War Becomes a Political Issue
                                            1. Examining the Lessons of the Korean War
                                          2. The Cold War Expands
                                            1. The Arms Race Heightens Tensions
                                              1. Communists Advances Shock the Nation
                                                1. Nuclear Arsenals Expand
                                                2. Eisenhower Introduces New Policies
                                                  1. Eisenhower Favors Massive Retaliation
                                                    1. Stalin's Death Eases Tensions
                                                    2. The Cold War Goes Global
                                                      1. Unrest Explodes Behind Iron Curtain
                                                        1. The U.S. Defuses the Suez Canal
                                                          1. Eisenhower Promises Strong Action
                                                            1. The Cold War Blasts Off Into Space
                                                          2. The Cold War at Home
                                                            1. Worrying About Communists at Home
                                                              1. Truman Roots Out Communists
                                                                1. Congress Hunts Communists
                                                                  1. Freedom of Speech Takes a Hit
                                                                    1. Government Investigates Oppenheimer
                                                                    2. Spy Cases Worry Americans
                                                                      1. Whittaker Chambers Accuses Alger Hiss
                                                                        1. The Rosenbergs are Executed
                                                                        2. McCarthy Uses Ruthless Tactics
                                                                          1. McCarthy Makes Accusations
                                                                            1. McCarthy's Power Increases
                                                                              1. McCarthy Falls from Power
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