The Stone Age


Junior Certificate History Mind Map on The Stone Age, created by Shane Buckley on 14/11/2013.
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Shane Buckley
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The Stone Age
  1. Earth has existed for 4.5 billion years
    1. Earliest humans found 2500000 years ago
      1. 2500000-8000BC Paleolithic
        1. 8000-3500 Mesolithic
          1. 3500-2000 Neolithic
          2. Mesolithic
            1. First people arrived in Ireland
              1. People clothed in animal skins
                1. Tools made from microliths(flints)
                2. Neolithic
                  1. People were farmers
                    1. Tools made of polished stone
                      1. Pottery was used very much
                        1. Cooking done around a fire in the middle of the floor
                          1. Megalithic tombs
                            1. court cairns


                              • Had an open entrance(court) and were covered in a mound of dirt(cairn)
                              1. Passage Graves
                                1. Dolmens or Portal tomb
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