World War II


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World War II
  1. Hitler and the Nazis
    1. Germany became a republic in 1932
      1. Hitler became German Chancellor the next year
        1. He forced jews, gypsies, communists and disabled people to live in ghettos
          1. He called himself the Futher
            1. means leader
            2. He had secret police called the Gestapo
              1. And a terror order called the SS
          2. Swastika
            1. Meant good look
              1. became sign of the Nazis
            2. Poland
              1. Poland was invaded by the Nazis on 1 September 1939
                1. Invaded using Blitzkreig or Lightning War


                  • The Panzers went in first to crush the defences then the luftwaffe supported them and the infantry invaded after
              2. Battle of Britian
                1. Britian and France Declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939
                  1. In August 1940 the Germans began Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britian
                    1. They tried to destroy the air force
                      1. The also bombed the british cities
                  2. The Invasion of Russia
                    1. Hitler invaded Russia On 22 June 1941
                      1. Loads of Russians were killed but then Winter began
                        1. Oil began to freeze
                          1. Soldiers froze to death
                            1. The Russians launched a counter attack and pushed Germans back to the border
                        2. USA joins Britain
                          1. 7th December 1941
                            1. Pearl Harbour
                            2. Japan
                              1. Nuclear Bombs Aug 1945
                                1. Hiroshima
                                  1. Nagisaki
                                    1. surrender 14 Aug 1945
                                2. Big Three
                                  1. Josef Stalin : Russia
                                    1. Roosevelt : USA
                                      1. Churchill : Britain
                                      2. D-Day
                                        1. 6 June 1944
                                          1. Normandy
                                            1. War in europe ended 7th May 1945
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