Maximilian Robespierre


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Maximilian Robespierre
  1. Born in Arras May 6th 1758
    1. Education
      1. Read and write
        1. Lawyer
        2. Collage in Paris (scholarship)
          1. Gave speech to king Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette
            1. King and queen did not leave carriage and left straight after speech
      2. 1789
        1. Elected to represent 3rd estate at the meeting of the estates general
          1. Third estate locked out of meeting
            1. Member of National Assembly
              1. Member of jacobins
                1. Radical party
                  1. Wanted Quick change
                    1. We're not afraid to use violence
        2. 1793
          1. Kings death flight to Varennes
            1. Jacobins came to power
              1. Committee of public safety set up to keep revolution safe from outside forces
                1. Leader of committee of public safety
          2. Reign of terror
            1. Conscription
              1. Laws
                1. Law of maximum
                  1. Law of suspects
                  2. High death rate
                    1. Killed his own followers
                      1. Followers turned on him
                        1. Guillotined robespierre
                          1. End of reign of terror
                            1. Killed him because even when revolution was safe he continued to guillotine people underage law of suspects
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