Junior Cert History


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Junior Cert History
  1. 1.The work of Historians and Archeologists
    1. Archaeologist on a dig


    2. 2.Early Ireland
      1. A neolithic farmer
        1. A Celtic farmer
          1. A monk in an early monastery
      2. 3.Life in Ancient Rome
        1. A young person living in Rome
          1. The Life Of a Slave
        2. 4.The Middle Ages
          1. The Knight
            1. Craftsmen And Guilds
              1. The lord and lady of the manor
          2. 5.The Renaissance
            1. Michealanglo
              1. Rembrandt
            2. 6.The Age Of Exploration
              1. Christopher Columbus
              2. 7.The Reformation
                1. Martin Luther
                2. 8.Plantations
                  1. A settler on a plantation
                  2. 9.Revolutions
                    1. George Washington
                    2. 10.Industrial Britain and Rural Ireland
                      1. A labourer during the Agricultural Revolution
                        1. Worker in a textile factory
                          1. A person who left Ireland during the famine
                      2. 12.Political Developments in Ireland 1900-1985
                        1. A named Political Leader
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