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Name the system of government in medieval times Feudal
who is the head of this form of government the king
what was an unfree peasant called a serf
how could an unfree peasant become free escape from the village for a year and a day
what was the main meal that peasants ate called pottage
what was the area of land a lord kept for himself called a demesne
what was the first type of castle called a motte and bailey
the mound of clay in the first type of castles was called this motte
what was the flat land that the houses were built on called? bailey
what is the river of water around a stone castle called? a moat
what type of bridge went over this river a draw bridge
what was the name of the wall that surrounded the castle a curtain wall
what is the name of the area on top of this wall where soldiers could stand called? a battlement
what was the name of the building that the lord and his family lived in? the keep
name 2 types of bow and arrow soldiers used in the middle ages cross bow and long bow
name two stages in becoming a knight page and squire
what disease killed a lot of people in the middle ages the black death
name two symptoms of this disease black boils and fever
what was the rules of a town called a charter
why was there a wall around a town for protection
name two stages in the training of a craftsman apprentice and journey man
what was the rules of the craftsmen called a guild
what does curfew mean put out the fire
name two types of punishment for crimes stocks and scold bridle
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