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All the physics formulas you need for Junior Cert Science - if you can do Ordinary Level Maths, you can do Junior Cert Physics!!
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Area of a regular object = length × width (A= l x w)
Volume of a regular object = length × width × height (V = l x w x h)
Density = Mass/Volume (D = m/v)
Speed = Distance/Time (S = d/t)
Acceleration (in metres per second squared) = Change in Velocity/ Time taken
Weight (in newtons) = Mass (in kg) × 10
Moment of a force = the force × distance (between the force and the fulcrum) (M = Fd)
Pressure = Force/Area (p = F/A)
Work done = Force x Distance (W = f x d)
Power = Work/Time (P = w/t)
Voltage = Resistance × Current
Slope of a graph =
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