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Energy The ability to do work.
Kinetic Energy The amount of energy something has because it's in motion (Energy in motion.)
Kinetic Energy Formula \[\frac{1}{2}mv^2\]
Kinetic Energy Formula... m=___ v= ___ m= Mass v= Velocity
Velocity The speed in which something moves or happens
Joules The unit used to measure Kinetic Energy.
Potential Energy Energy that is stored as a result of position and shape. (Stored Energy)
Potential Energy Formula \[ mgh \]
Potential Energy Formula... m=___ g=___ h=___ m= Mass g= Gravity (due to acceleration) h= Height
Gravitational Potential Energy Potential energy that is stored in objects depending on their height. EXAMPLE: Diver on Diving Board
What does gravitational energy depend on? Mass, Height, and Acceleration
Elastic Potential Energy Potential energy that is stored when an object is deformed, stretched, or compressed. EXAMPLE: Shock-Absorbers on Bike
Example of Kinetic and Potential Energy in Action
Law of Conservation: Matter can't be created nor destroyed; however, it can be rearranged.
Mechanical Energy The energy associated with the motion and position of everyday objects.
Example of Mechanical Energy
Chemical Energy Energy stored in chemical bonds.
Example of Chemical Energy
Thermal Energy The total potential and kinetic energy of all the microscopic particles in an object.
Example of Thermal Energy
Electromagnetic Energy A form of energy that travels through space in the form of waves.
Example of Electromagnetic Energy
Nuclear Energy The energy stored in atomic nuclei
Example of Nuclear Energy
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