The Voyage of Christopher Columbus


An account of Christopher Columbus' voyage to America for Junior Cert studies
Shane Buckley
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Early Years Born in Genoa in 1451 Was shipwrecked of the coast of Portugal Was taken in by his brother Learned about Atlantic sailing. Voyaged to Iceland in 1477 Believed Asia was locate to the west of Portugal. Sponsorship Approached King John of Portugal but was rejected. Was rejected elsewhere as well including England. Went to Spain but Spain was at war with the Moors After seven years Queen Isabella agreed to sponsor a voyage Preparations Port of Palos was chosen to provide a crew Helped by brothers Martin and Vincente Pinzon Given three ships: Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria The Voyage Three ships set sail from Palos on August 3rd 1492 Mutiny was prevented after 18 days by Martin Pinzon threatening to hang six crew members from the mast of the Santa Maria. Columbus often lied to his crew about the distance they had sailed. Land was sighted at 2am on October 12th by Roderigo de Triano in the crow's nest of the Pinta Columbus went ashore next day and placed a crucifix and a flag of Spain on the island and named it San Salvador(Our Saviour) Spent three months touring the neighbouring islands. Returned to Spain with six natives whom he had kidnapped to put on exhibition in Spain Believed he was in Asia and called natives Indians Returned to the "New World" twice more and reached mainland on this third voyage.

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