American Revolution


Junior Certificate History Mind Map on American Revolution, created by Shane Buckley on 30/04/2013.
Shane Buckley
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Shane Buckley
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American Revolution
  1. Main People
    1. George Washington
      1. First American President
      2. Thomas Jefferson
        1. King George III
        2. Places
          1. Boston
            1. New York
            2. Main Battles
              1. Battle of Bunker Hill
                1. Redcoats:British Soldiers
              2. Main Events
                1. Boston Tea Party
                  1. Tax Protest
                    1. December 1773
                    2. Signing of Decleration of Independance


                      • It was signed by Thomas Jefferson
                      1. 4th July 1776
                    3. Treaty of Paris 1783
                      1. Constitution 1789
                        1. Gov of the people for the people by the people
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