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What are the 5 dance actions? Travel, Jump, Turns, Gestures, Stillness
What do dance dynamics mean? Give a few examples... It is how you perform the dance routine... i.e. if you are performing ballet, you would do it smoothly, whereas if you are performing robotics you would do it very sharply and roughly
What is a motif and how can you use in dance? A motif can be thought of as chorus. It is a small dance routine which can be repeated when a section of a song is repeated (a chorus) for example.
Why are using different pathways important? It looks more interesting and eye catchy, specially if it is creative
What does it mean by relationship features? How many of you are doing the dance. e.g. is it a solo, duet, trio, or a group performance
What are the dance styles you can think of? Bhangra, Bharatnatium, Bollywood, Street, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap
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