It contains Competition and adaptaions, Extinction and The Natural Selection. The lines don't represent a letter it is just a space. Enjoy!
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What is the only substance that Thermal energy can be applied to? Solid
The _____ in the solid are given more ______ and their ________ increases. atoms energy vibration
What happens to the increased vibrations? They are spread through the material.
This increases the average _______ ______ in the material and so does the ___________. Kinetic energy temperature
In general are metals good conductors of heat? Yes
Why are metals good conductors of heat in general? Because they contain electrons as well as molecules
When the metal is heated what do the free electrons do? They vibrate rapidly.
They move from the ___ end of the rod towards the ____ end of the rod. Hot Cool
When they bump into each other _____ and electrons , they pass on the ____ _________. atoms free electrons
This means that the ____ is transfered more quickly with the ____ _________ than with just the slower moving _____. heat free electrons atoms
___ ________ solids such as plastic , _____ and ceramic are ____ conductors. They do not contain ____ _________ so heat is only conducted by the slower moving __________. non metalic glass free electrons molecules
Liquids (like water) are also poor __________. Air a very ____ conductor. It is often called an __________. conductors poor insulator
_______ ____ such as wool and wood are particularly good __________. This is because ___ __________ are trapped inside the material. Natural fibre insulators air molecules
_____ _______ are made of non conducting fabric. ______ ______ take advantage of the ultimate insulator against conduction -a ______. Oven gloves Vacuum flasks vacuum
Defenition of convection.
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