Biology AQA 3.2.5 Mitosis


Biology Unit 2, exam board AQA, specification point 3.2.5 Mitosis
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I.P.M.A.T I.nterphase P.rophase M.etaphase A.naphase T.elophase
What is Mitosis? A parent cell that divides into two daughter cells- each an exact copy of the parent cell.
What is Mitosis used for? To increase the number of cells for growth and repair
INTERPHASE This isn't actually part of Mitosis. The cell carries out normal function in preparation for Mitosis. The organelles within the cell replicate.
PROPHASE The chromosomes appear and the nuclear envelope disappears. METAPHASE The chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell. Spindle fibres attach themselves to the centromere of the chromatid
ANAPHASE The centromeres divide as spindle fibres pull cromatids to separate sides of the cell. TELOPHASE Cytokenisis occurs, this is where the cytoplasm divides in half forming the two daughter cells. the cell them returns back to interphase.
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