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Luminous objects Give off light e.g. the sun
Non-luminous objects Do not give off light but reflect it from luminous objects
- What is light? - Conservation of Energy Energy cannot be created or destroyed only converted. Light is a type of energy
How does light travel? Straight lines
How fast is light compared to sound? Examples: Light is much faster than sound e.g. thunderstorms and fireworks: the light is seen before it is heard.
Transparent When light encounters a transparent material almost all of the light rays pass through
Translucent When light encounters a translucent material some of the light rays pass through
Opaque When light encounters an opaque material no light passes through. A shadow forms
Refraction light does not have the same velocity in different mediums so the light rays become bent
Total internal reflection
The eye
Function of the cornea Refracts light as it enters the eye (by a fixed amount).
Function of Iris Controls how much light enters the pupil.
Function of Pupil Allows light to pass through as it enters the eye.
Function of lens Refracts light to focus it onto the retina.
Function of Retina Contains the light receptors, which trigger electrical impulses to be sent to the brain when light is detected.
Function of optic nerve Carries impulses from the retina to the brain
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