Elements of Dance Year 8


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Elements of Dance Year 8
  1. Elements of Dance
    1. Body


      • This is what you do with your body
      1. 3 sections of Body- Which body parts you use, what you do and your body position
      2. Energy
        1. This is how you conduct yourself and how you move. heavy and strong and fast is hip hop or called heavy, light is ballet beacuase it is slwo and free ladee dadee da.
        2. Space
          1. There are two types of space- personal space (where you dance) and general space (where everyone dances.)
            1. subcategories of space: levles, grouping, direction, shape
          2. Time
          3. Warm up
            1. Warm up games include running, tag, aerobic dance, etc.
              1. Stretching
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