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What are the different levels of organisation in your body? Cells tissues organs organ systems
Name 5 organ systems of the body? Respiratory system, Digestive system, Circulatory system, Excretory system, Skeletal system.
Name the organ system which makes the food available in a form the body can use? Digestive System
Define Digestion. The process of breaking down food into useable form and making the nutrients available.
Where does digestion take place in your body? In the Digestive system
What does your Digestive System consist of? A digestive tract, organs off to the side of the digestive tract that produce chemicals that assist with digestion
What is the first part of the Digestive tract? The Mouth
Name 3 organs of the Digestive System? Stomach, Liver and Pancreas (Answers may vary)
What are the two types of Digestion? Mechanical Digestion. AND Chemical Digestion.
How does Mechanical digestion happen? Mechanical digestion happens when you tear and chew food with your teeth.
How does Chemical Digestion happen? Chemical Digestion happens when saliva in your mouth and gastric juice in your stomach break down your food.
Define Gastric Juice. A mixture of chemicals produced by cells in the stomach wall.
Why is Chemical Digestion a chemical change? Because new substances are produced.
What are the four types of teeth in your mouth?
Define Saliva. Saliva is a watery liquid produced by your salivary glands.
What is oesophagus? The oesophagus is long, muscular tube that has the mouth at one end and stomach at the other end.
What is the process of Peristalsis? The process of pushing food through the digestive tract by alternating contraction and relaxing of muscles.
What is the only muscle in the human body that is attached at only one end? The Tongue.
What makes sure that the food goes into your stomach and not into your lungs? Epiglottis (flap of skin)
What is Bolus?
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