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The Mammalian gas exchange organs are: The Lungs
Name 3 structures of air passes through in order to reach the lungs: Trachea Bronchi Bronchioles
What feature of the gas exchange surface results in an increased rate of gas exchange? Large Surface area
Why are the gas exchange surfaces very thin? To create a short diffusion pathway
Movement of the environmental medium i.e. air and movement of the internal medium i.e. blood maintain a… Diffusion Gradient
When you breathe in and out, the alveoli stretch and recoil, what sort of tissue enables this to happen? Elastic Tissue
Name another type of fibre that alveoli are lined with Collagen
During inspiration and expiration, describe what the intercostal muscles do: Inspiration: Contract Expiration: Relax
During inspiration and expiration what does the Diaphragm do? Inspiration: Contract and flatten Expiration: Relax and dome up
During inspiration and expiration the volume of the lungs... Inspiration: Increases Expiration: Decreases
During inspiration and expiration, the pressure of the lungs: Inspiration: Decreases Expiration: Increases
During inspiration and expiration, the air moves... Inspiration: Air moves in Expiration: Air moves out
What is the equation of pulmonary ventilation: Tidal volume x expiration rate
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