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Where is Haemoglobin found? Red blood cells
What type of structure does Haemoglobin have? Quaternary
What is the role of Haemoglobin? To transport oxygen around the body
How many oxygen molecules can one molecule of haemoglobin transport? 4
What does Haemoglobin and Oxygen form? Oxyhaemoglobin
Where does the creation of Oxyhaemoglobin occur? The Lungs
Where is the oxygen released? Respiring tissues
Term describing 'Concentration' of a gas? Partial Pressure
What causes different haemoglobins to have different affinities for O2? Different sequences of amino acids
Two terms for the processes of haemoglobin combining with and releasing O2? Loading / Association; Unloading/ dissociation
What direction does the O2 dissociation curve shift when CO2 levels increase? What is the name given to this effect? Right --> Bohr effect
In the presence of CO2, what change happens to the haemoglobin molecule? Changes shape
What happens to the affinity of haemoglobin for O2 in oxygen-poor conditions? Increases
What happens to the affinity of haemoglobin for O2 in the presence of CO2? Reduces
Which way does the curve shift in oxygen-poor conditions? Left
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