Conferences in 1945


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Attended by the 'Big Three' [Roosevelt, Churchill & Stalin], this is what was decided...

Nazi criminals would be hunted down and tried for their crimes

Free Elections in Eastern Europe

Germany was split into zones for France, UK, USA and USSR

UN would be set up

Stalin agreed to enter the Japanese war in return for Soviet gains in the Far East

Germany would pay reparations for the war (they didn't yet know what amount)

Attended by the new Big Three {Truman for USA, Stalin for USSR and Attlee for Britain}

Most things decided at Yalta were confirmed at Potsdam

Soviets had sneakily occupied Poland between Yalta and Potsdam, and the rest of Eastern Europe, even though they hadn't decided what to do with Poland at YaltaSoviets ---> Poland

Basically, not the most exciting conference.

Yalta (pre WW2 end)

Potsdam (post WW2 end)

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