History- Religion and medicine


Key points on how religion affected medicine through time (GCSE history paper 1).
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History- Religion and medicine
  1. Prehistoric
    1. Evil spirits caused disease
      1. Medicine men
        1. Trephining let them out
      2. Ancient Egypt
        1. Embalming
          1. Allowed them to identify heart, pulse, brain, liver, lungs and blood
          2. Didn't like dissection
            1. People needed their bodies for the after life
          3. Ancient Greece
            1. Asclepion
              1. Asclepius (God of healing) and daughters visit and cure people
                1. Baths and gymnasium
              2. Romans
                1. Galen proved the brain controlled the body
                  1. All his work became famous
                    1. All ideas widely accepted and not questioned
                      1. Got things wrong due to dissecting animals
                    2. Galen's theories fit with religion
                      1. Body fitted together as a whole and perfectly designed
                  2. Middle Ages
                    1. Galen could not be questioned
                      1. Dissection banned
                        1. 1 allowed per year
                        2. New research discouraged
                          1. Church controlled education and books
                            1. Taught superstitious ideas
                            2. Doctors were trained in the ideas of Galen
                              1. Black death a punishment from God
                                1. Flagellants whipped themselves
                                2. Church set up universities to train doctors
                                3. 19th Century
                                  1. Simpson discovers chloroform
                                    1. Christians said pain is given by God and disagreed with the use of anaesthetics.
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