Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Cominform and Comecon


Mind map simplifying 4 of the main events of the years 1947-49 : Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Cominform and Comecon. Shows the cause of each, what the event/policy was and the effect/result it had.
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Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Cominform and Comecon
  1. Truman Doctrine : 1947
    1. CAUSE
      1. Britain could no longer afford to support Greece
        1. Truman provides Greece with economic and military support
        2. Truman was afraid of further spread of communism
        3. RESULT
          1. Greek gov was able to defeat the communists
            1. Relations between both sides worsened
              1. World divided into two sides
              2. USA became more involved in Britain
              3. WHAT IT WAS
                1. Policy of containment
                  1. To prevent Soviet expansion
                  2. Offering of $400 Million of aid
                2. Marshall Plan : 1947
                  1. CAUSE
                    1. Truman did not want to use military forces to prevent communism
                      1. General George Marshall puts forth the idea of the Marshall Plan
                      2. After the reconstruction of European economy, US exports would increase
                        1. Very similar to the Truman Doctrine - offered more money and more aid
                        2. WHAT IT WAS
                          1. Economical aid was given to all war torn countries
                            1. Those that were at risk of falling to communism
                            2. Agriculture and trade recovered
                              1. Cash and technology/machinery given
                              2. RESULT
                                1. Stalin loses trust for USA
                                  1. Believes they are trying to create a sphere of influence in Western Europe
                                    1. Refuses Eastern European countries to accept the aid being offered to them from USA
                                    2. Stalin accuses the plan as being only beneficial for US exports
                                      1. By 1953 USA had handed out $17 Billion to poor European countries
                                    3. Cominform : 1947
                                      1. RESULT
                                        1. It benefited the USSR
                                          1. They were able to purge any member who disagreed with soviet policies
                                            1. ie. Tito
                                        2. CAUSE
                                          1. A response to the Truman Doctrine
                                            1. To organise Eastern European communist governments
                                          2. WHAT IT WAS
                                            1. It introduced Soviet-style policies
                                              1. ie. Collectivisation fo agriculture and state control of industry
                                          3. Comecon : 1949
                                            1. CAUSE
                                              1. A response to the Marshall Plan
                                                1. A policy where USSR would financially support Eastern Europe
                                                2. WHAT IT WAS
                                                  1. The financial support meant that the countries that were being "supported" relied on the USSR
                                                    1. Would have to offer their military services in exchange and any agricultural produce
                                                  2. RESULT
                                                    1. It benefited the USSR
                                                      1. They gained full economical control of these countries
                                                        1. Allowed them to access resources from these countries
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