Algorithms - What are they? , how do you write them?


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What are algorithms?Algorithms are representations of how to solve problems. These problems can be in code or in everyday life. For instance you could write an algorithm on how to brush your teeth. In fact you probably, without even knowing it, mentally write hundreds of algorithms every day. How can algorithms be written?Algorithms can be written as both flowcharts and pseudocode. FlowchartsFlowcharts are diagrammatic representations of steps taken to solve a problem. They use various shapes to represent different things.The shapes are:Rhombus = decisionParallelogram = Output or input (information going out or in)Rectangle = Process (somthing being done)Rectangular circle = Start / stopLines with arrows indicate the direction of flow (in which order things are done).This is an example of a flowchart

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What is pseudocode?Pseudocode is a written representation of an algorithm using various code like terms but remember pseudocode is not actual code. These are the pseudocode terms:OUPUT: showing something on the screen or electronic device - usually requiring an input afterwardsINPUT: something that the user puts into the programSTORE: a process that stores data in the programIF: represents a condition e.g if colour = redTHEN: Showing what to do if the condition is trueELSE: showing what to do if the condition is falseHere is an exampleOUPUT: "How are you?"INPUT: User inputs how they areSTORE: Store users input in answer variable IF: answer = fine THEN OUTPUT: "That's good"ELSE OUPUT: "You need to go to a doctor"

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