Creative Writing


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Creative Writing
  1. Different tasks
    1. Writing from personal experience- writing something which is about you or your life
      1. Moving images- writing for or about films and tv
        1. Commissions- responding to a set brief, such as an opinion piece for a newspaper
          1. Recreations- taking one form of writing and turning it into another
            1. Narrative writing- writing an original story
            2. You are marked on...
              1. Content
                1. Organisation
                  1. Accuracy
                    1. Effect
                    2. Genre
                      1. Article
                        1. Script
                          1. Poem
                            1. Letter
                              1. Story
                              2. Audience
                                1. Children
                                  1. Adults
                                    1. Teenagers
                                      1. Males
                                        1. Females
                                        2. Purpose
                                          1. Persuade
                                            1. Argue
                                              1. Entertain
                                                1. Describe
                                                  1. Inform
                                                    1. Review
                                                      1. Explain
                                                        1. Advise
                                                        2. Style
                                                          1. Formal
                                                            1. Chatty
                                                              1. Comic
                                                                1. Slang
                                                                  1. Serious
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