Linguistic Methods


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Graphology What does the text look like? e.g. pictures, logos, bold, text boxes.
Discourse Structure How does the text begin, develop and end? e.g. openings, closings, use of 3
Lexis What types of words are used? e.g. figurative / literal, technical, simple / complex
Semantics How do the words in the text relate to each other? e.g. formal / informal
Pragmatics What are the contexts of production and reception? How are these reflected? e.g. Implied Meanings
Morphology How are words created? e.g. tense and person, plurals
Syntax What types of sentences are used? e.g. command, question
Orthography How is spelling used in the text? e.g. elision, deviant spelling
Phonology How is sound used in the text? e.g. alliteration, sibilance
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