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Antithesis Juxtaposition of opposites
Apostrophe When an orator adresses someone who is not actually present or dead
Anaphora Repetition of words/phrases at the beginning of sentences or clauses
Anecdote A short account or story- perhaps an interesting or amusing incident
Bathos Sudden deflation for dramatic effect
Bias A preference for a point of view, reflecting preconcieved ideas rather than fact
Cliche A word or phrase that has lost its freshness through over use
Enumeratio Making a list of thingd to make a point for forcibly
Epizeuxis Immediate repetition of a word
Ethos Appealing to ethical behaviour, to the audience's sense of decency
Euphemism A form of understatement where pleasant terms are used to describe an unpleasant fact
Hyperbole Overstatement for obvious effect
Incrementum Arranging your words in order of increasing importance, so that your sentence of phrase reaches a climax/crescendo
Litotes Understatement for ironic effect
Logos Used as a persuasive device - the appeal to reason
Metonymy A symbol that comes to represent something
Oxymoron Ideas or words that normally convey opposite meanings that are linked together
Paradox An apparent contradiction, hence all the more striking by its truth
Paralellism Using a series of phrases or sentences that have a similar word order or structure
Parenthesis A phrase that is placed between brackets or dashes
Pathos When a speaker appeals to the emotions of the audience perhaps by introducing tragic sad or sentimental ideas
Pun A play on words
Rhetorical Question A question asked only for effect
Synecdote When part of something is used to refer to the whole thing
Synonymia Repetition of the same idea or concept but in different words
Traductio Repetition of the same word throughout the sentence or paragraph
Tripling Lists of three, triadic structure.
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