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Apathy Lack of emotion or interest
Ambiguous Having more than one meaning
Fervent Passionate
Vagrant A wandering homeless person
Revere To worship
Denounce To speak out against
Stagnant Not moving
Candid Honest; Frank
Impartial Unbiased
Ostentatious Showing off
Contentious Quarrelsome
Reprove To scold; to find fault with
Cursory Hasty, not thorough
Profligate Extremely wasteful; wildly extravagant
Miser Someone who hoards money
Jocular Joking
Fracas Uproar; brawl
Corroborate To confirm
Precarious Dangerously unstable
Bolster To support
Daunt To intimidate; to discourage
Superficial Shallow; on the surface only
Lucid clear; easy to understand
Aesthetic Concerned with art or beauty
Prodigal Extravagant; wasteful
Assess To estimate the value of; to measure
Deter To prevent, especially by threatening
Complacent Smug; self-satisfied; overly confident
Contempt Disdain; hatred
Eloquent Speaking well; articulate
Virtue Moral excellence
Guile Cunning; deceitfulness
Censor To delete objectionable material
Hypocritical Insincere
Eccentric Odd; unusual; quirky
Disdain Contempt; intense dislike
Abstract Theoretical; lacking substance
Enigma Mystery
Inevitable Unavoidable; bound to happen
Inferred Derived by reasoning; implied, as a conclusion
Diverse Varied
Apprehensive Fearful; worried
Benevolent Good; kind-hearted; generous
Virulent Very harmful (like a virus)
Pious (piety) Deadly religious
Provincial Narrow-minded; unsophisticated
Resignation Acceptance of a situation
Resolution (resolve) Determination
Servile Overly submissive; cringing; like a servant
Diligent Hard-working
Refute to disprove
Anarchy lack of government; chaos
Miser One who saves greedily
Discord Disagreement
Monotonous Without variety; tiresome
Trivial Unimportant; insignificant
Profound (profundity) deep; insightful
Phenomenon an observable fact or occurrence
Tentative Temporary; not final
Contemporary Living at the same time; modern
Adversary an opponent; enemy
Gravity (grave) seriousness (second meaning)
Banal common; dull; ordinary
Depravity moral corruption
Temper to moderate; to soften
Censure to blame; to criticize
Extol to praise
Erratic Irregular; without direction
Euphony Pleasant sound
Antagonist Opposition; hostility; resistance
Arbitrary Subject to individual judgment
Austere Severe; without frills
Expedite to make faster or easier
Heresy an opinion violently opposed to established beliefs
Condescend to talk down to
Fallacious (fallacy) false; untrue
Intangible Abstract; not capable of being touched or felt
Arrogant Acting superior to others; snooty
Compatible able to co-exist; harmonious
Solicity to ask for; to seek
Elusive (elude) tough to catch; hard to pin down
Facilitate to make easier; to help
Static Stationary; not moving
Ironic Satiric; unexpected
Dogmatic Stubbornly opinionated
Flagrant Shocking; outstandingly bad
Frivolous Not serious; trivial; silly
Taciturn Quiet; saying little
Infamous Notorious; scandalous
Authoritarian Like a dictator
Exhaustive Thorough; complete
Profuse Flowing freely; generous; excessive
Expedient Useful for effecting a desired result
Fastidious Not easy to please; overly critical
Prosaic Uninspired; dull; banal
Languid slow; tired; drooping; weak
Astute Perceptive; clever
Brevity Briefness
Incoherent Impossible to understand; chaotic
Mitigate To make milder; to make less severe
Reprehensible Shameful; bad
Augment To add; to increase; to make bigger
Engender to create; to produce
Deride (derision) to ridicule; to make fun of
Novel New
Solemn serious; grave
Ambivalent Undecided
Reticent quiet; uncommunicative; taciturn
Fervor passion; zeal; great enthusiasm
Scanty Inadequate; minimal
Pragmatic Practical
Didactic Instructive
Deference (defer) a show of respect
Vacillate to waiver between choices
Endorse to approve of; to give support to
Conspicuous easily seen; out in the open
Negligence carelessness; neglect; indifference
Ephemeral short-lived; fleeting; transitory
Relegate To dismiss to an inferior person
Futile hopeless; worthless; useless
Condone to forgive; to overlook
Dissent disagreement
Conciliate to sooth; to end a dispute; to reconcile
Disparity inequality; difference
Disparage to speak badly of; to belittle
Conventional ordinary; customary; normal; traditional
Auspicious favorable; positive
Universal existing or present everywhere
Fickle Unpredictable; capricious; whimsical
Furtive secretive
Remorse sadness; regret
Respite A rest; a pause; a break
Scrutinize To examine closely
Coalesce To come together; to merge; to join
Orthodoz Standard; commonly accepted; conventional
Innate Inborn; inherited
Preclude to prevent; to make impossible
Efface To erase; to wipe out
Marred Damaged; bruised
Ameliorate To make better; to improve
Prodigious of enormous quantity or size
Immutable Unchanging; permanent
Stoic indifferent to pleasure and pain
Innocuous Harmless
Indolence laziness
Amiable Friendly
Laud to praise
Caustic Burning; uncomplimentary
Atrophy to waste away from lack of use
Meander to wander randomly
Instigate to start trouble
Heed to obey
Virtuoso an accomplished musician
Deplete to use up; to reduce
Compliant Submissive; obedient
Inadvertent Accidental; unintentional
Acquiesce to agree finally; to go along with something
Levity Humor
Belittle to put down; to disparage
Extraneous Irrelevant; extra; unnecessary
Digress to stray away from the subject
Emulate to copy something admired; to imitate
Appease to make peace with; to satisfy
Sage (sagacious) a wise person
Nostalgic yearning for the good old days
Assuage to soothe
Saccharine overly sweety
Stanza a section of a poem
Jeopardy Danger
Supercilious Haughty; arrogant
Avarice Greed
Blithe free-spirited; carefree
Scrupulous Careful; diligent; moral
Volatile Changeable; unstable; explosive
Peripheral on the edge; surrounding; unimportant
Hedonistic pleasure-seeking; indulgent
Amity friendship
Benefactor a generous donor; someone who helps
Apocryphal a doubtful origin; mythical
Slander to defame; to speak maliciously of someone
Animosity hatred
Stringent strict; harsh; severe
Hackneyed banal; over-used
Amass to accumulate; to pile up
Verbose wordy; overly talkative
Trepidation fear
Desecrate to profane a holy place
Fortuitous accidental; happening by chance or luck
Vehement Urgent; passionate; forceful
Credulous gullible; overly trusting
Blasphemy heretical departure from accepted practice
Lax careless; not diligent; relaxed
Cryptic mysterious; puzzling; enigmatic
Esoteric Understood only by a select few
Pretentious Not fitting in; out of place
Merger A joining; a uniting
Pedestrian common; ordinary; banal
Prudent careful; cautious
Sycophant a boot licker; a brown-noser
Rescind to repeal; to take back; formally
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