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    Toulmin Overview
    Triad #1 Data: facts and evidence, aka grounds or datums -- can never be implied Claim: thesis, the statement being argued Warrant: logic to legitimize the claim- link from data to claim -- can be implied Triad #2 Qualifier: statements that limit the strength of an argument OR propose a condition under which the argument is true Rebuttal: counter-arguments indicating circumstances when the general argument doesn't hold true (aka reservation) Backing: serves to support the warrant but doesn't prove the main point -- different from data, although it can be data Syllogism: If _____(data)_____, then _____(warrant)_____, therefore _____(claim)______.

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    Types of Claims 
    Fact-Based Claim-focus on empirically veritable phenomena such as direct observation, experiments, data, etc.-ex: there are more billionaires in NY than in the rest of the U.S.Judgement or Value Claim-opinions, attitudes, or subjective evaluations-usually based on or uses definitions -ex: Mozart was the best composer of all time (and defines "best") Policy-Based Claim -advocating a specific course of action to be taken-ex: the U.S. should quit producing pennies
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