How to Develop the Time Management Skills Essential to Succeeding in IB Courses


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Figure out what works for you. Some people stay organized best with a physical planner, some prefer online tools. Learn what works for you, and use it! Learning how you work best is the secret to functioning at your highest potential.
Maintain a consistent schedule. Set up a study schedule, and stick to it. While it can seem monotonous, you'll thank yourself later when everything is done. Once you set the appropriate amount of time aside for your work each day, you'll be able to set time aside to play as well!
Stay focused. With so many things to do, it can be hard to focus on the one in front of you. Refrain from giving in to checking Facebook every ten minutes, and stay focused on what's in front of you. Facebook isn't going anywhere, don't worry.
Seriously, stay focused. When you put all of your attention into the task at hand, you will not only perform better, you will also have a better chance at finishing it in the time you allotted yourself via the schedule you made right after reading the "Maintain a consistent schedule" flashcard in this deck. Then you can Netflix until you fall asleep.
Set reasonable goals. Remember that you're human and finishing your HL Chem, HL Physics, and HL Psych homework, as well as cleaning your entire room, and going for a run around the neighborhood, are not all very likely to be done (at least not very well) in the same 2 hour sitting. Spread it out, and attack it one assignment at a time.
Get started. Actually getting off of the couch and getting started on the studying or writing is the hardest part. Seriously, just do it. Like Nike.
Schedule in some fun. That seems counterproductive, but you will be much more motivated to do your work if you haven't gone insane from lack of sunlight. Or Netflix.
Practice. Did a 30 minute break turn into a 4 hour Harry Potter marathon? Give yourself a break. Now avoid Harry Potter next time you take a break, and/or plan more accurately next time. The more you plan and stick to the schedule, the more realistic the times will become and the more likely you are to actually follow through.
Stay inspired. School can be exhausting. After everything is over, there's still more to do. Take some time to remember learning is an amazing thing, and YouTube some famous graduation speeches to keep you inspired. Stay positive.
... GOOD LUCK! Go get em, tiger.
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