Theory of Knowledge Essay Preparation


Guidelines and sample plans for TOK essays
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    Theory of Knowledge Essay preparation
    Ways of Knowing (WOKs) language sense perception emotion reason imagination faith intuition memory (Study four in depth)
    Areas of Knowledge (AOKs) mathematics the natural sciences the human sciences the arts history ethics religious knowledge systems indigenous knowledge systems

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    Knowledge frameworks  - apply to AOKs• scope, motivation and applications• specific terminology and concepts• methods used to produce knowledge• key historical developments• interaction with personal knowledge
    Knowledge Claims:Claims about (some aspect of ) the world - first order claimsClaims about knowledge - second order claimsKnowledge Questions:Questions about knowledgeOpen: there are many plausible answersGeneral: not phrased in subject specific terms (although they may be answered with specifics)
    Knowledge Frameworks, Claims and Questions

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    Essay and Presentation
    The EssayEssay must not be over 1,600 words. Avoid  extended notes, extensive footnotes or appendices - they may not be read and you may be penalized!The word count includes:• the main body of the essay• in text  quotationsThe word count does not include:• any acknowledgments• the references (whether given in footnotes, endnotes or in-text) - but keep these short!• any maps, charts, diagrams, annotated illustrations or tables• the bibliography
    The PresentationMay be in any live form: presentation debate etc, but must NOT be simply reading an essayMay be done in a group (up to 3 people)You must submit a presentation planning document to your teacherDevelop a knowledge question from a real life situation, develop the knowledge question, explore from various perspectives  and apply  to other real world situations

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    Using Mind Maps to develop your essay
    GoConqr Mind Maps are a great tool to plan and organise your essay.You could create a Mind Map for each AOK and each WOK, before bringing your ideas together in an essay plan Mind Map.See the video here for how to make your own Mind Maps and the next slide for some examples created by other GoConqr users.You can also use the search function to search for resources related to specific AOKs.Good luck with your essay planning!
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