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Name for group 1 elements Alkali metals
Name for group 2 elements Alkaline earth metals
Name for elements in groups 3-12 Transition metals
Name for group 17 elements Halogens
Name for group 18 elements Noble gases
Groups go which direction on the periodic table? Vertical
Periods go which way on the periodic table? Horizontal
Which element is in group 14 and period 2? Carbon
Where are the metalloids found on the periodic table? On the zig zag
In respect to the metalloids, where are the metals on the periodic table? To the left
In respect to the metalloids, where are the non-metals? To the right
Seven diatomic elements Hydrogen, oxygen, bromine, iodine, chlorine, fluorine, and nitrogen
1 mole = ____ atoms 6.02 x 10^23
6.02 x 10^23 particles per mole is ____ Avogadro's Number
Convert 3.4 moles of aluminum into atoms 2.0 x 10^24
Physical vs chemical properties Physical = observed with the senses Chemical = how a substance reacts chemically
Examples of physical properties Taste, melting point, density
Examples of chemical properties Flammability, combustion
Properties of metals Luster, malleable, ductility
Properties of nonmetals Ductile and brittle
The phase of matter with definite volume and shape Solid
The phase of matter with definite volume and indefinite shape Liquid
The phase of matter with indefinite volume and indefinite shape Gas
Does water or ice have more kinetic energy? Water, because it is moving
If nitrogen and oxygen are both at 25 degrees Celsius, which has more kinetic energy? They're the same
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