“The knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?


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“The knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  1. Natural Sciences
    1. Language: Placebo results and the way they are presented to society can model the effect they have on people, since language can determine this change. Even, when there is no literal (or expressed by language) explanation of the treatment, it may work even better.
      1. Faith: Placebo is all about believing, when the person under the treatment puts faith in the treatment, then they fin the answer or solution to any problem or disease the placebo is working for.
        1. Real life situation: results on placebo experiments
          1. Emotion: When a person feels something is going to work, it usually happens, therefore that is the effect placebo, those that want to believe in it can do so.
          2. Religious knowledge systems
            1. Faith: When a person follows a religion, it means they believe fully on the principles, therefore they look inside it history the answers and approval to every action.
              1. Intuition: As well as believing and approving, when the knower follows or practices a religion, their instinct plays an important role in the way the look for their knowledge, therefore in their perspective about the type of knowledge they need to discover.
                1. Emotion: When looking for answers or knowledge as the title says and following a specific religion, having a certain devotion emotion for the principles of it work as an important factor in terms of the perspective.
                  1. Real life situation: believing and following a religious story and therefore practicing a religion.
                  2. Indigenous knowledge systems
                    1. Memory: These tribes believe fully in their traditions, which are mostly told and not shown as other historical facts, this means that their perspective is completely shaped by the fact that they believe in their history told by anecdotes that evidence memory.
                      1. Faith: Since their histories are mostly told and repeated, those that belong to an specific indigenous group need to have faith on their ancestors and on the knowledge they are sharing with them as the correct story.
                        1. Intuition: The knower belonging to a indigenous tribe perceives something in their story, their family and in their conscience that indicates their pursuit of knowledge is shaped by the principles of their community.
                          1. Real life situation: : their belief on traditions and on their way of life as the correct one, looking for the approval using their ancestors.
                          2. Possible counter arguments
                            1. Mathematics: even if the knower has another purpose in the pursuit of their knowledge, mathematics is a language and therefore the answers are all the same.
                              1. History: facts that cannot be shaped are told in certain historical ways, which therefore won’t permit that the knower has a different perspective regarding their point of view.
                              2. Why interested?
                                1. Allows me to investigate the purpose of certain people on the pursuit of knowledge since their perspective normally influences them.
                                  1. Permits a different approach depending on the specific area of knowledge, meaning that the amount of examples is huge.
                                  2. Possible knowledge and subsidairy knowledge questions
                                    1. To what extent can the knower control its perspective to pursuit knowledge?
                                      1. To what extent can the knower decide whether or not to consider perspective as the main factor to pursuit knowledge?
                                        1. To what extent is it reliable for the knower to believe in perspective as the main factor to pursuit knowledge?
                                          1. To what extent can shared knowledge shape the pursuit of personal knowledge?
                                          2. Thesis
                                            1. I do agree with the statement, examples prove it.
                                              1. People do look for information, studies, perspectives, or even people that share their same type of likes, dislikes, etc.
                                                1. People shape their personal knowledge completely biased by their perspective and from those that share their same shared knowledge as a basis.
                                                  1. The knowers all look for answers to their points of view when searching or shaping their knowledge, meaning that they try to look for those with a similar way of thinking or in their same community.
                                                    1. The knower can’t control their pursuit of knowledge by itself, it all depends on their way of thinking, which then shapes the way the knowledge is searched for.
                                                      1. It is difficult to rely on just the knower’s point of view since there are a lot of perspectives to different ways of receiving o understanding the same information.
                                                        1. A knower rescues the information he/she needs depending on other factors, which determine their pursuit and purpose of new personal knowledge.
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