Chapter 12 Sec. 2 (The Mongol & Ming Empires)


Information on The Mongols and The Ming Dynasty.
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The Mongols

Mongols are stereotyped as complete and total ruthless barbarians Mongols did, in fact, use intense methods of fighting and techniques Mongols, however, were impressive rulers who accepted many religions, ruled with tolerance, and let many lands become tributary states

Marco Polo is an Italian merchant who traveled to China He wrote many stories about experiences in China Served Kublai Khan during his stay Sparked European interest in China

Ming Dynasty

Started by a rebellious peasant, Zhu Yuanzhang Had a rapid desire to purge all Mongol influence Had many cultural achievements At one point controlled lots of sea trade

Genghis Khan

China led many sea explorations by Zheng He Zheng He had several fleets made of 62 large ship and 200 small ships Zheng He led seven different explorations After his death the Chinese emperor banned ships with more than two masts This ban caused the ships from Zheng He's fleets to deteriorate and rot

Zheng He

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