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early life: born in Austria 1889 blamed the jews for not getting into an arts school at 18 yrs old disliked mixture of Aoustr-Hungarian before ww1 he was rejected by Austrain army when war broke out he joined the german army in munich

The Nazi Party:--joined german workers party  after ww1--became leader and changed the name to N ational Socialist German Wrkers' Party    (NSDAP)(Nazi Party)--points on nazi party: demand union of all germans for a greater germany demand abolition of treaty of versailles demand land and territory for food and living space for big population only german blood could be members of a german nation no immigration of non-germans demand creation of a strong  central gov.

Mein Kampf: book written by hitler when in jail for failed uprising main ideas: all people can be divided into superior and inferior(Aryans were superior) german people were racially pure,superior Aryan people germans were the chosen ones whose survival of all other peoples lives depended on the state must keep the race clean germany must create lebensraum(living space) in poland and russia communism was an evil influence

rise to power: 1920's was very weak by 1933 they were largest party in Germany and Hitler was strong enough to become Chancellor of Germany

how he did it: weakness of weimer Republic:it was blamed for harshness of treaty and defeat for germany in ww1 the great depression: after wall street crash of 1929 america withdrew loans to germany and there was great unemployement(6 million) in 1932 weimer gov couldnt solve it Hitlers Nazi Party: he intended to get power through democracy then set up dictatorship. it became largest party in germany hitlers policies:nationalism and hatred of traety,anti-communism and promice of revival of economy appealled to everyone propeganda:he blamed germanys troubles on treaty of versailles,jews and communists and he was an outstanding speaker the SS and SA: SA(brownshirts) and SS(blackshirts) were protection for Nazis and used violance to attack opposition parties president Hindenburg appointed Hiltler Chancellor of Germany in 1933

Hitler in power

Becoming a dictator called for a general election in March 1933, the SS and SA were now the auxilary police force(law was on their side so they could attack/beat up opponants when a Dutch communist burnt down the Reichstag (parliment) building hitler banned communists party he passed the Enabling law in 1933 which let him rule by decree(didnt have to go through parliment) german democracy was now ended

dictatorship: Hitler banned all trade unions and used Gestapo(secret police force) to put down opposition used SS to kill SA leader,Rohm, and others who threatened his power in Night Of The Long Knives Appointed himself president in 1934 after President Hindenburg died, became der Fuhrer(the leader)

Nazi propeganda: Goebbels became Minister for Propaganda controlled press,radio,newspapers and cinema hitler was glorified in a cult of personality Nuremburg rallies and torchlight parades were held in schools, students were told to glorify hitler boys and girls had to join the Hitler Youth and the League of German Maids

the Nazi Economy: hitler improved german economy reduced employement from 6 million to none between 1933-39 in battle for work he built autobahms(motarways) he began rearmament with more ships,submarines and planes for future expanding army expanded motar industry(volkswagen)

the Nazi and the Jews: hitler hated jews(anti-semitism) passed Nuremburg Laws which deprives jews of german citizenship,banned them from marrying non-jews and made them wear star of david Night of The Broken Glass, jewish shops and synagogues were attacked and 90 jews killed many of germanys jews emigrated(600,000) after this including albert einsten during ww2 hitler undertook a mass murder of jews(final solution or holocaust now) jews were rounded up into concentration camps(Auschwitz) Himmlers SS organised their mass execution,firstly gassing of women children and older men others used as slaves until they died some were buried in mass graves and others burnt in ovens 6 million jews were killed

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