480 Invasions (Xerxes)


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1. If Athenians obey the oracle, they would have to go far away and build a new city2. Thermistocles doesnt like this and proposed that the oracle was referring to a navy ("build an army of wooden walls")3.According to Apollo, the Greek Triremes would form a barricade of 200 ships around Athens.4.Athens 10,000 Hoplites would join the navy instead on the army5.Although Sparta had no navy, a spartan names Eurybiades was the admiral of the Athenian fleet6.20000 Persians were killed in 2 days, but just 4000 greeks7.Once the news of the defeat of Leonidas at Sparta reaches Athens, they flee, leaving only the old, the weak or the obstinate.

How did the Persians change their approach in 480-1. Mainly just  ground soldiers with some naval support2.Persians dig  a canal at MT athens3.As Persians advance they threaten small greek illages "be enslaved or be killed"4.Some Greeks join the Persians 5.Oracle says flee6.Thermistocles says "fight the persians with navy"

Battles of Theropylae and Artemisium I.Thermoppylae-1.Slow down the persians2.Kill 20,000 Persians3. Leonidas and Spartans are killed4.Persians winII.Battle of Artemisium1.It is a naval battle2.Greeks attack Persians navy off Euboa3.The battle is indecisive4.Greeks retreatIII. What happens now?1.More options for Athenians-1) Fight with Navy2)Retreat3)Take a stand at the AcropolisIV.Thermistocles1.Fight in Salamis with narrow waters2.Propose to fight in the straits of Salamis

1.Greek objective:destroy the Persian Navy2.Trick the Persians into fighting in the narrow straits I.Why are the Greeks Victorious1.Greeks find ways to make up for their smaller numbers-1.Better strategies at Salamis2.Take advantage of Persian errors3.Better boats(more maneuverable)  

Battle of Platea 4791.persians didn't have Naval support2.Spartans helped Athenians even though they usually didn't work well together (Greek states)3.Greeks were more protected4.Persians rely on strength in numbers but it worked against them in salamis5,Athenians evacuate rather than fight6.They effective leaders/leadership 7.Had good preparation - athens prepared and built defensive navy8. They won9.This was the end of all major Persian invasions in Greece

Thermistocles interpretation of 480

Invasion of 480 summary

Invasions of 480 Details

Battle of Salamis

Battle of Platea

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